Villa Vinci Restaurant Cookstown, Co Tyrone
  Villa Vinci Mediterranean Restaurant Cookstown
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Dessert Menu
Traditional homemade Italian Desert – a light sponge with mascarpone, cream, coffee liqueur, dusted with cocoa
Formidable Chocolate Fudge    
Deep layers of rich chocolate fudge and thick chocolate sponge cake, served with ice cream
Baileys Cheese Cake    
Cheesecake flavoured with Baileys Irish Cream, whiskey in a rich sponge cake, served with ice cream
Pear and Ricotta Torte    
Sliced poached pear with a creamy ricotta filling and light chocolate sponge, served with ice cream
A light cooked cream dessert, served with fresh fruit couli and vanilla ice cream
A delicate lemon curd made with fresh lemon juice in a short crust base, served with ice cream
Crème Brûlée    
A rich custard with a brittle crust of caramelised sugar, served with ice cream
Torta Della Nonna    
Grandmother’s Cake – traditional Tuscan desert, a delicate pastry crust with a silky pastry cream, flavoured with vanilla and lemon zest, served with ice cream
Choux pastry balls filled with pastry cream, topped with chocolate, served with ice cream
Butter Apple Tart    
Traditional apple tart in a deep short crust pastry base, served with ice cream....beautiful
Selection of ice cream    
Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream topped with fresh cream and choice of chocolate or strawberry sauce