Villa Vinci Restaurant Cookstown, Co Tyrone
  Villa Vinci Mediterranean Restaurant Cookstown
028 8675 7070

Drinks List

Soft Drinks

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House Wine
Coca Cola £1.90  
Diet Cola £1.90  
Sprite £1.90  
Sprite Zero £1.90  
Fanta Orange £1.90  
Fanta Lemon £1.90  
Sparkling Water £1.90  
Still Water £1.90  
Pure Orange Juice £1.90  
Apple Juice £1.90  
Glass of Milk £1.10  
Pint of Milk £1.90  
Appletiser £2.70  
Red Bull £2.70  
Jug of Squash £2.20  
All Mixers £1.20  

Tea and Coffee

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Tea and Coffee
Filter Coffee £1.70  
The finest estate coffees roasted slightly lighter for a more unique coffee experience
Espresso £1.90  
An opulent blend of flavour and aroma packed into a dark shot of pleasure
Double Espresso £2.20  
Cappuccino £2.20  
An espresso followed by an equal measure of dedicated steamed milk and a sweet velvet foam
Americano £2.10  
A vibrant espresso added to hot water to make the pleasure last just that little bit longer
Latte £2.30  
A long serving of steamed milk and a glossing of foam embracing a shot of smooth espresso
Mochaccino £2.50  
An intense espresso lightly sweetened with luxurious chocolate complimented by a delicate pouring of steamed milk
Hot Chocolate £2.50  
Tea £1.70  
Herbal Teas £1.90  
Flavoured Coffees £0.40 extra  

Beers, Ciders and Alcopops

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Beers and Ciders
Peroni £3.10  
Coors £3.10  
Budweiser £3.00  
Corona £3.10  
Heineken : Half pint £2.10  
Heineken : Pint £3.50  
Guinness £3.50  
Magners £3.10  
Smirnoff Ice £3.25  
Blue WKD £3.25  
West Coast Cooler £3.25  

Whiskey and Spirits

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Whiskey and Spirits
Whiskey £3.00  
Vodka £3.00  
Gin £3.00  
Rum £3.00  
All Liqueurs £3.00  
Port & VDN £2.90  
Vermouth £2.90  
Cointreau £3.80  

Liqueur Coffees

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Liqueur Coffees
Calypso Coffee.. with Tia Maria £4.95  
Irish Coffee.. with Whiskey £4.95  
Coffee Royal.. with Brandy £4.95  
Italian Coffee.. with Amaretto £4.95  
Baileys Coffee £4.95  

Connoisseur Corner

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Connoisseur Corner
Cognac Courvoisier vs £3.60  
Irish Single Malt £4.50  
Scotch Single Malt £4.50  
Vodka Grey Goose £4.20  
Grand Marnier £3.80  
Be'ne'dictine £3.80  
Calvados £3.80  
Jack Daniels £3.80